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Hey :)

 My name is Davita, 30 years old, live in Givatayim

I immigrated to Israel eleven years ago from France

I studied photography in college and also learned on my own in the field

For me, photography is the profession

which suits me best and which I like best

Photography requires patience

Communication with my clients

Accuracy, and also creativity

I could not ask for better as a profession

When I take pictures I feel happy

What is important to me? 

With time and with experience

I understood that in order to be able to take beautiful pictures

It is very important to make the customer feel comfortable

In order for this to happen, it is important to talk to him and get to know him

The positive feeling I convey to my clients

Makes the picture good and beautiful

Thanks to this the result will be good

What I like to say with my heart :

For me, before any technique, photography is an emotion



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